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What makes CAREPOINT In-Home different?

CAREPOINT In-Home is an industry leader for our experienced professional team of experts! Our clinical team consists of: a medical social worker, consulting nurse, Care Coordinator, CNA’s Home Health Aid’s and experienced care aides. The care of your loved one is our # 1 top priority.

Our clinical team believe in combining evidence based transitional care with a compassionate person-centered approach which aims to improve continuity of care from hospital to home. We CARE about you every step of the way; that is why our medical social worker will work with you and your family on short and long term goals to help you receive the highest quality service from experienced professionals.  Our team specializes in preventative care which is affective care planning, assessment and coordination of care with your Doctor.  Unlike some in home care agencies we have the college credentials coupled with the experience it takes to care for your loved ones comprehensive care needs.

CAREPOINT In-Home Care Aides are available from three to 24 hours a day. All services are available 7 days a week including holidays. Our office hours are 8 am. To 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Of course Our Medical Social worker is  available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone in case of an emergency. We are the only Non-medical Home Care agency with a transitional C.A.R.E program.

C. Our Care Team will partner with you while they collaborate with your Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, families and other medical practitioners. We will work in unison to manage your health while also maintaining your confidentiality. We will make sure you have the tools and education resources to manage your health.

A. Stands for prevention, which is assessments, making sure you engage in preventive screenings with your Doctor.  We help you stay scheduled with routine appointments with your Doctors, which may prevent future illnesses and help you stay current with lab tests, shots and other preventive testing.

R. Is intended for responding quickly to care needs such as changes in your loved ones health condition or reacting swiftly to organize transportation with a Care Aide to an important Doctors visit. Our compassionate Care Aide will make sure your loved one will attend lab work appointments/shots, other medical testing and pick up medication.

E. Is for our person-centered approach where all our Care Aides display empathy and compassion for your individualized care needs. They follow a comprehensive care plan designed for your own personalized goals.