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Incidental Transportation For Our Client’s

Allow CAREPOINT In-Home to drive you with care and comfort to your destination!

The next time you have a scheduled doctors appointment, need to go to a specialist for tests, or would like our helpful care aides to assist your loved ones with grocery shopping/running errands, we can always give you peace of mind by helping you or your loved one help you reach your destination.

CAREPOINT In-Home’s incidental Transportation is beneficial to you because our care Aide services are included with each transport. An example of this is our care aide will help you get ready for a Doctors apt(dressing assistance etc.) be a companion inside the Doctor’s apt, write detailed notes about what the Doctor said (at your request) take care of you while you are in Doctors visit/ be a support to you until you are ready to be transported safely home. The Care Aide will then perform your choice of  supported services arranged by you in  your care plan upon returning home: meal preparation, light house cleaning, laundry and personal hygiene. (may do other specific items on request) If you do not need any supported services the Care aide will simply make sure you or your loved one enters inside the comfort of their home safely! (not perform supportive services)  We go the extra mile to make sure you are safe secure and comfortable!

  • Doctors Appointments and Specialists
  • Shopping/Errands
  • Hairdresser/Barber Appointments
  • Visit to veterinarian with Pet
  • Trips To See Family and Friends
  • Religious Services and Events
  • Pick Up Prescriptions
  • Drop Off Dry Cleaning
  • Holiday Events, Weddings, Birthdays
  • General Grocery Shopping