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Senior Concierge Package

Our Senior concierge Package provides five star service to your loved one. It enables your loved one to continue to partake in social events, the theatre, dinner at their favorite restaurant or any other excursion your loved one might enjoy-  such as a guided tour on the Horn Blower cruise boat in Old Town Sacramento. The Concierge Service Care Aide is specially selected so they have a  diverse background  coupled with an ability enrich to life of your loved one. They are exceptional conversationalists and the goal of concierge service is to enrich your loved ones life by providing interconnection with their community, culture and hobbies by embracing who your loved one is socially.   These Concierge service providers are also Care Aide companions so if your loved one needs help to the rest room or  has mobility issues they will be able to accommodate any situation that might occur in public with grace.

The Concierge service Aides goal is to give your loved one a memorable evening by dressing up for the event, engaging in educational conversations with your loved one, using proper etiquette, they read up on the event ahead of time so they can exchange interesting information with your loved one - which makes the experience exciting  and fun.

The Clinical team at CAREPOINT IN- Home designed the Senior Concierge Service Package in response to the  growing elderly population in our community. We understand that  your  loved ones who choose to remain at home are sometimes also isolated both physically and socially.  Whether they reside in an assisted living center or live far away from relatives or friends, research has shown (social isolation/lack of activity/exercise)  can negatively affect their health. Seniors thrive when they engage in activities with people in their community and receive regular exercise, activity  and socialization. Socialization activity  and exercise programs for elderly people can help prevent many of the problems their isolated peers experience.  CAREPOINT In-Home Concierge service Package was designed to give your loved one who is choosing to live at home not only socialization but activities that can cultivate exercise and mental stimulation.

Concierge Care Aide’s can even handle planning your event, including purchasing tickets, coordinating schedules and arranging reservations. We can come up with ideas for events on the community calendar and special experiences your senior  will enjoy  year round.