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Respite Care

Respite Care is Strengthening Families for a Positive Outcome

CAREPOINT In-home understands that families who take care of a loved one with disabilities, or a chronic condition are dedicated caring individuals. Dedicated individuals providing full time care are sometimes faced with a multi-faceted array of challenges yet we embrace your unbaiting   commitment, loving care and level of intensity your life undergoes by caring for someone with a special health condition or disability. Researchers also stipulate that respite care is an essential part of overall support that families need to keep their loved ones at home and to prevent physical/emotional burn out.

  1. Respite care is temporary care to persons with disabilities or special health care needs.
  2. Temporary means anything from 3 hours to two weeks. It may mean periodically or on a regular basis.
  3. Why respite care?  Respite services are intended to provide assistance to all family members so they can have increased support in care management, revitalize themselves for increased productivity when they begin care with a loved one again, help maintain emotional/physical wellbeing and prevent all family members from “burn out syndrome.”
  4. Respite care helps family members to increase confidence in their care methodologies, become goal oriented and regain affectionate feelings/love for loved one who needs 24 hour care.
  5. An individualized care plan will assist the needs of individual family members and the family- emphasis will be toward orienting services towards the entire family.
  6. Many family members who provide care will find communities are limited in their resources and understanding and this can sometimes cause feelings of isolation from friends, other family members, community activities, religious/social functions.
  7. Families need affordable care which is easy to access 24 hours a day. CAREPOINT In-home provides caring knowledgable staff who put families at ease so they can regain vitality, rest and enjoy life again.
  8. It is normal when arranging Respite Care to have feelings of guilt anxiety and even a sense of loss of control. CAREPOINT In-home can help each family member transition into Respite care by providing care, understanding and goal oriented treatment which will help internalized worry and anxiety about the process.
  9. It is important as a family member caring for someone with special health needs to be comfortable with your decision and develop the trust critical to maintaining the peace of mind necessary for relaxation and enjoyment. Please call our office any time for questions about our Respite services and how we can assist you and your family members.