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On/Call Hospital Sitter Package

CAREPOINT In-Home designed a care package to help families who need immediate assistance with the care of their loved one when they have been hospitalized. Maybe your family lives far away? They might not have scheduled time off from work. Maybe your loved one cares for small children or is needed by other family members and cannot stay with you at bedside the entire duration of your stay? CAREPOINT In-Home will set up immediate care for you or your loved one by providing an experienced Care Aide to respond to your loved one in the hospital. The Care Aide will assist your loved one at bedside as a hospital sitter:

  • Provide companionship/comfort while they are in Hospital
  • Collaborate with Doctors/Nurses about medical history or medications.
  • Bring fresh clothes or provide alternate meal at bedside.
  • Reports changes in condition/diagnosis to family.
  • Guiding, assisting and proving  client care for optimum comfort while in hospital.
  • will follow discharge plan
  • Pick up medication

Once your loved one is discharged from Hospital setting The Care Aide will report to your loved ones for unsafe symptoms (following discharge plan) Depending on type of surgery or emergency procedure the Care Aide will monitor for any evidence of potential complications.

  • Shortness of breath
  • check vital signs for irregularity
  • Check mental status
  • check for redness and pain
  • Does client have regular urination
  • Does client need help with ambulation

The goal of the On Call Hospital Sitter package is to assist family members with  emergency hospitalization when they need to leave the facility to go to work or care for other family members and to provide you with reliable care for your loved one in case you live out of town. The Care Aide will help your loved one feel secure, safe and comfortable by creating a caring atmosphere when they need it most.