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Medication Supervision

Medication mistakes can lead to serious health problems.

CAREPOINT In-home can help prevent them

Elderly adults usually take 3 or more medications at one time and they take more medications than any other age group. Although seniors do benefit from taking prescribed medication they have more risk to their health if they do not take their prescribed medications as directed or follow the orders written. Unfortunately older adults are at risk for no adherence to their medication regime for many reasons including:

  • Vision problems: unable to read the dosing instructions
  • Hearing loss: When a pharmacist or Doctor is talking to them about medication instructions they often miss information.
  • Cognitive Impairments: Medication is often forgotten or they do not take is all because of memory loss.
  • Arthritis: Lack of muscle strength
  • Dysphagia: they have trouble taking the large pills because they have limitations with the ability to swallow
  • Mobility issues:  They struggled to find medication or they are not able to get to pharmacy.