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Falls Prevention Initiative

CAREPOINT IN-HOME Falls Prevention Initiative

The CAREPOINT In-home clinical team designed a fall prevention initiative for senior Injury prevention. We have standardized fall history and risk screening questions to screen for fall risk patient’s. CAREPOINT In-Home trains our Care Aids on evidence-based practice guidelines (American Geriatrics Society ACOVE) for fall risk assessment and management. CAREPOINT In-Home educates client’s and provides valuable resources for fall prevention. CAREPOINT In-Home helps client’s implement  action steps:

  1. In-depth assessments with CAREPOINT In-Home Medical social worker.
  2. Education
  3. Resources
  4. CAREPOINT In-Home is a coalition member
  5. Balance Activities
  6. Care Aides are trained in fall prevention to ensure injury prevention. 
  7. Rule out other medical conditions with client’s medical Practitioner.
  8. Suggestions for home environment modifications
  9. interdisciplinary care and nutritional support
  10. assessment of need for gait and safety assistive devices.

Risk factors that may indicate the need for CAREPOINT IN-HOME Falls Prevention Initiative

  1. dizziness or vertigo
  2. lack of sensation in feet or lower legs (neuropathy)
  3. muscle weakness
  4. unsteady while standing or walking
  5. taking more than three medications.
  6. suffered a fall in the last year or have fear of falling.
  7. over the age of 65.
  8. must stop while walking short distances
  9. Arthritis related lower extremity joint problems
  10. pain during daily activities.
  11. requires assistance device for walking.
  12. cardiovascular disorder
  13. Diabetic
  14. Parkinson’s Disease
  15. Dehydration
  16. COPD

At CAREPOINT IN-Home we strive to ensure that our client’s receive the highest quality clinical improvements in risk assessment and fall prevention.

Call our office today for more information about our fall prevention initiative or call for a free assessment with our medical social worker.