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Reserch Has Shown Implementing a Fall Prevention Initiative into your agency will help your client's reduce falls

CAREPOINT IN-Home is a falls prevention Coalition member and has implemented a falls preention initiative for Senior Cliant's. Falls are among the leading cause of injury and death in the United States particularly among older adults. Every year one in three adults over age 65 falls, 30% sustains a mederate to severe injury; including contusions, fractures or head trauma leading to hospitalizations. Those who fall are 2-3 times more likely to fall again. Hospitalizations are expensive and tend to cause stress for seniors due to the trauma and pain. In addition many people develp a fear of falling which may increase their risk of future falls and lead to decreased mobility and activity. Seniors will continue to foster a fear of falling which may cause the to stop their physical fitness programs, walk with loved ones and overall it begins to decrease the quality of their life. Fortunately falls are ofen preventable. Research has shown that implementing a intervention initiative into your agency by incorporating prevention methods will help your client's reduce falls. CAREPOINT IN-Home's fall prevention initiative has been formally recognized by medical profesionals in the community and they reccomend the initiative a a preventative measure for fall safety. The CAREPOINT In-Home medical social worker used comprehensive assessment tools to evaluate each Senior and encourages them to also make an appointment with their family practitioner to rule out other medical fall risk variables. At CAREPOINT IN-Home we have developed the fall prevention Initiative to address the need to assist the Senior population with the reduction of their fall risk. This initiative was designed to reduce the likelihood of patient falls by treating the underlying cause of falls. CAREPOINT In-Home used an in-depth approach to indentify and treat the underlying causes of fall risk using:

1. Nationally recognized balance screening tests

2. Education geared toward the client and the family members

3. Fall prevention and Balance Activities Work Book

4. Home Enviornment Safety assessment

5. Suggesstions For home enfironment Modificaitons

6. Suggestions for medical practitioner Medication Review

7. Suggestions for Vision evaluation

8. Insturction on self-Management of risk factors and disease process

9. Interdisciplinary care and nutritional support